What is the Nutrition Practice Management Mentoring Program?

The Nutrition Practice Mentor Program is a system that teaches you how to implement a billing system so you can save money and stop making costly mistakes that cause you to lose money in your practice.

The mentorship program takes you from startup to putting a system in place that will enable you to grow your Nutrition Practice. This program is perfect for both new practices and those that are more established. You’ll learn how to implement a billing system so you can save money and stop making costly mistakes that cause you to lose money. Learn how to implement a seamless experience, cut down on errors and get paid quickly

Mentorship Program

$144 per month

Included in the Nutrition Practice Mentorship Program:

  • Ongoing group coaching
  • Access to Full Self-Study Course
  • Open Hours with mentor
  • Business setup
  • Credentialing
  • Billing insurance for MNT
  • Business Management
  • Referral Marketing Strategy
  • Dozens of templates and guides for your practice
  • Guest experts
  • Optional 1:1 Mentorship
    • Deep Dive into your practice's billing process
    • Create a system to reduce denials and save time

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What Our Clients Say

Steve helped us implement a billing system that simplified the entire process. I was spending a lot of time on errors and denied claims. Now, submitting claims takes only a few seconds and we have much fewer denied claims. This has saved me hours every week!

Sarah D.

The integrative billing system Nutrition Practice Management implemented saved my company time, money and headaches. I used to do all our verifications, billing and EOB troubleshooting, until I met Steve. Since updating our billing systems, we have consistent revenue coming into the business, with less work on my end. I am very happy with the service, and highly recommend it!

Christine P.

This service has tremendously helped my practice grow and thrive. The staff was professional at answering calls and scheduling appointments. It helped me book more clients and have a professional first impression. The service also saved me time and energy, so I could focus on helping my clients. I also loved how I had the option of using them to verify benefits. I highly recommend Nutrition Practice Management!

Marina B.

Is the Nutrition Practice Mentorship Program Right For Me?

If you can answer the questions below, then this program is for you!

Am I ready to take action and create my private practice?
Am I ready to learn how to bill insurance for my services?
Am I coachable and ready to learn?
Do I want to avoid mistakes and save prescious time?
Am I ready to take action and create my private practice?
Have I tried on my own using free resources, but have not been able to make progress?


Meet the Mentor - Steve Della Croce, MS, RDN, CDN

  • Registered Dietitian since 2004
  • Created successful niche MNT practice for CKD/DM
  • CEO of Nutrition Practice Management – Billing, credentialing, answering services for dietitians in private practice
  • Mentor for Nutrition Entrepreneurs
  • Memberships:
    • Long Island Dietetic Association
    • Council on Renal Nutrition, National and Greater NY
    • National Kidney Foundation
    • Academy for Nutrition and Dietetics Renal Practice Group
    • Nutrition Entrepreneurs

Build your Practice The Right Way

Nutrition Practice Management Mentoring Course